Letter to Landlord To Extend Your Lease


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The HomeTitan Written Letter To Renew Your Rental Lease

When you need to extend your lease writing a letter is considered the best practice and a standard procedure for making this request to your landlord, whether it’s required in the original lease agreement or not. Extending your lease beyond the expiration of its term is not always as easy as it sounds. It may require a new lease to be signed, which is sometimes in your best interest. A written record of both parties agreement to extend the lease term is a good idea for several reasons.

  • When dates, extension lengths, reasons, and other important details are being conveyed it’s best to have them extended in a manner that provides you with the most protection for any unforeseen circumstance
  • When written with care and with the proper formality you can avoid future problems or misunderstandings

We’ve carefully crafted a lease renewal letter to work for you. Try the HomeTitan pre-written Lease Extension Letter and stay safe and protected in your apartment or home.

Key features of this letter

  • Allows you to obtain any changes to the existing lease agreement if the landlord has made any.
  • This letter reminds your landlord that you are a quality renter and that rent not be increased.
  • Indicates clear dates of expiration and desired extension.
  • In the case you are allowed to stay but only with a verbal agreement, this letter provides a paper trail if necessary later on.
  • Arranges a date and time if necessary to sign the new rental agreement.

Why your landlord
needs the Extend Lease letter

  • In many states a verbal agreement with a landlord is not enough to keep you protected.
  • Landlord's also want to retain good tenants and asking them in writing to extend shows you are a responsible and careful renter.
  • A new lease allows your landlord to add any updates that he has implemented since your last lease.
  • In a tight renter market it's imperative you indicate early on your desire to remain in the rental unit.
  • Why Hometitan

    Our letters for renters are tailored to your state, with the right laws to get your landlord’s attention. We’ve taken care of the Letter to Landlord To Extend Your Lease details so there’s no hassle on your part to find the right law and craft an approrpriate letter. Our letters have been used in and all over America with great success.