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Helpful Tenant Documents

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For added help for tenants and home owners we've put together some really handy documents and checklists to make monitoring your home and keeping your landlord fair as easy as possible. Download right now and start using today.

The Inventory Checklist

When you move in go through your rental unit or house carefully and completely with this handy checklist. Indicate any issues and have you and your landlord sign it.
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First Apartment Checklist

Save money by avoiding the stuff you don’t need and get organized before moving into your first apartment. Also great as a moving checklist when relocating and to organize your boxes.
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Questions to Ask a Landlord

Don't assume you'll remember or that you even know all the issues that can arise. Especially if you're looking at numerous places you need to write things down; this saves you time.
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Lease Check, What You Need to Check

Make sure you understand what's in your lease with these direct points you can check with your landlord.
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