Top 10 Places to Look For a Apartment To Rent?

Top 10 Places To Find Rental Apartment

Where Can I find good Rental Properties?

There are many places that you can use to find rental properties. These are my best picks.

1.     Craigslist – this is my favorite place to find rentals

2.     Local Penny Saver

3.     Classified section of local paper

4.     Broker – I do not like brokers because I do not like paying fees but sometimes it can’t be avoided

5.     Drive around looking for rental signs – this is actually a good way to find a place

6.     Hud approved local housing agency – go to to find one

7.     Friends and Family

8.     Library – most  libraries have places to post listings

 9.    Local supermarket – usually have a place for people to post listings

10.   Locate the large rental buildings in the community you want to live and contact the management company to see if they have vacancies

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