Is there somewhere to get rental assistance?

Is there somewhere to get help making rental payments?

I am having trouble making rent. Is there help?

There are lots of renters having trouble paying rent. Many are looking for some kind of assistance in paying that rent. The problem is that rental help or assistance is difficult to find or non-existent. We all see homeowners getting all kinds of assistance with their mortgages and we feel that it would be nice to get some help paying our rent. We have gone through the same economic downturn with the same financial problems and now many of us actually have to pay higher rents.

While there is assistance if you are looking at Section 8 and some towns, counties or cities that may have some cheaper affordable housing outside of that options are limited. Try to contact the following organizations to see if help exists;

Local non-profit housing agencies

Town or City agencies in charge of housing – while this is federal the website provides a lot of information to tenants

Local charitable organizations

Local religious organizations

If you are unable to find help it is best to talk to your landlord and explain the problems you are having. He may allow you some additional time to pay your rent or maybe even reduce it if you have been a good tenant over a number of years. As soon as you realize you are or will have trouble paying your rent you should reach out for assistance or your landlord.




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