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Your letter for notifying your landlord of necessary repairs - your right and responsibility.

Florida Repair Request Letter: Landlords Are Responsible For All Repairs That Are in Accordance With Building, Housing and Health Norms

In Florida, landlords are required by the law of habitability, to comply with the requirements of applicable building, housing, and health codes. In case of no applicable building, housing, or health codes, landlords are responsible for ensuring that the roof, windows, stairs, doors, floors, porches, exterior walls, foundations and all other structural components in working condition, and that they are capable of bearing normal forces and loads. The landlord must also ensure that plumbing is in order. Further, before tenancy commences, the landlord must ensure that any installed door and window screens are in a reasonable condition – any subsequent damage must be repaired annually by the landlord, during the duration of the rental agreement.

The landlord is also responsible for extermination of rats, mice, roaches, ants, wood-destroying pests and bedbugs, and is required to abate rent for the duration of the extermination process. Landlords must ensure that all locks are serviceable, common areas are safe and clean, and that water and heating facilities provided to tenants are in order. Do note that the landlord is not responsible for undertaking repairs for conditions created or caused by the negligent or wrongful actions by tenants or other people who are present on the property with the tenant’s consent. The tenant, on their part, is required to comply with all applicable building, houses and health codes, and is responsible for keeping the property clean. Importantly, tenants must ensure that their rent payments are current.

Tenants are required to inform the landlord about any conditions requiring repairs in writing, with accompanying photographic or video evidence. Tenants can make use of our Repair Request Letter, which allows you to quickly enlist any issues and provide details, while indicating the specific law or ordinance being violated. The letter also tactfully requests the landlord to remedy the situation in a manner that precludes any further legal actions on the tenant’s part. Importantly, the letter gives the landlord a reasonable deadline to respond to the letter by. Do make sure to keep copies all correspondence you send to your landlord, notifying them of the conditions that need their attention.

Key features of this letter

  • Key laws for your state
  • Main landlord responsibilities in this situation
  • Your states Warranty of Habitability
  • Formatted clearly - so your landlord can easily see the laws, issues, descriptions of issues, and desired outcome you desire.
  • Specific language landlords want to hear

Why your landlord
needs the Landlord Repair Request Letters letter

  • Keeps his Florida rental unit in good repair
  • Landlord's also prefer a written record of events related to their rental units
  • Keeps minor maintenance issues from becoming major and costly repairs
  • Allows him to know the timeframe he has t make repairs so he can schedule accordingly
  • Why Hometitan

    Our letters for Florida renters are tailored to your state, with the right laws to get your landlord’s attention. We’ve taken care of the Florida Repair Request Letter To Landlord details so there’s no hassle on your part to find the right law and craft an approrpriate letter. Our letters have been used in Florida and all over America with great success.