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It is your right to have repairs that are covered under the California civil code completed in a timely manner and it is also your responsibility to notify your landlord.

This letter will let your landlord know what needs to be repaired and indicate the law/code to support your repair request. Implied in every California residential lease is the warranty of habitability. California's civil code provides the minimum requirements that constitute an habitable residence which include things like working doors and windows, hot and cold water, electrical wiring a lighting, proper sewage systems, waterproofing, plumbing and gas in working order, a rodents free residence. Your landlord legally must respond to conditions that make your apartment or home not habitable.

At a minimum your rental property must be provided with:

  • effective waterproofing and weather protection of the roof and the exterior walls - this includes unbroken windows and unbroken doors
  • plumbing that is in working condition, as well as heating, and electrical facilities, hot and cold running water and a working toilets and kitchen sink
  • building grounds that are clean and sanitary - free of debris, filth, rubbish, garbage, rodents, and vermin and with adequate trash receptacles
  • well-maintained floors, stairways, and railings
  • deadbolt locks on certain doors and windows
  • free of lead paint hazards
  • no nuisances, which is a catchall provision which refers to something that is dangerous to human life, detrimental to health, or morally offensive and obnoxious

Notify your landlord today in writing about the conditions that require repair.

Key features of this letter

  • Key laws for your state
  • Main landlord responsibilities in this situation
  • Your states Warranty of Habitability
  • Formatted clearly - so your landlord can easily see the laws, issues, descriptions of issues, and desired outcome you desire.
  • Specific language landlords want to hear

Why your landlord
needs the Landlord Repair Request Letters letter

  • Keeps his California rental unit in good repair
  • Landlord's also prefer a written record of events related to their rental units
  • Keeps minor maintenance issues from becoming major and costly repairs
  • Allows him to know the timeframe he has t make repairs so he can schedule accordingly
  • Why Hometitan

    Our letters for California renters are tailored to your state, with the right laws to get your landlord’s attention. We’ve taken care of the California Request for Repair to Landlord details so there’s no hassle on your part to find the right law and craft an approrpriate letter. Our letters have been used in California and all over America with great success.